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Product List

All of our teas are available in 3.5 tin container or 8 ounce bags.   We make all our teas in small batches, and most of them made to order. We will ship your order out as soon as we can.

Thank You for your patience

Black Tea

Black Tea

Cinnamon Almond

Pumpkin Spice

Orange Cookie

South Seas Mango

Peach Tree Blossom (Hibiscus)

Strawberry Vanilla

Strawberry Garden (Hibiscus)

Blood Orange

Orange Berry- Raspberry/Cranberry/Orange

Green Tea

Green Tea

Tea in Paradise- Cherry and Pineapple

Cool Mint

Chai and Green Tea

Peach Tree Blossom

Berry Blend (Hibiscus)

Winter Morning

Rooibos Tea (Red Tea) – A slight Licorice Flavor, Caffeine free

Vanilla Raspberry

Cool Summers Morning -Mint and Orange



Maple Walnut

Chocolate Mint

Herbal Blends and Fruit Teas


Strawberry Spice (Ginger) (Hibiscus)


Strawberry Mango (Hibiscus)

Blueberry Ginger

Sweet Dreams - Chamomile and Spearmint

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